He studied in Ghent at the Higher Institute of Graphic Art, and studied Ceramics for eight years in Eeklo at the Academy of Fine Arts and followed workshops given by renowned Ceramic Artists.

His goal is to create art with the help of the four elements: water, earth, wind and fire.

The freedom to choose the three dimensions, the structure, the texture and colour is sacred to him. It's a never-ending quest to create original sober forms. These having a refined feminine elegance in which there is a hint of mystic.

He wishes to preserve his originality. He will never make a copy, as his pieces are always unique.

His work asks questions, wich can be interpretated in many different ways. You can take it in slowly then only will its inner secret be revealed to you. His work gives form to the emptiness with the aim of revealing the unseen soul of each piece. J. Estévès